A new community of strict observance in the Benedictine tradition was born on July 2nd 2008 in Villatalla, a small Italian village located in Liguria on the heights of Imperia, very near to Ventimiglia and the French border (see map).
This community was founded by two monks originally from the abbey of Le Barroux (France), at the request made to them by His Excellency Mario Oliveri, bishop of Albenga-Imperia. Here you will find information on this monastic project and some of the events which marked their recent installation.
This information is above all an appeal to the charity of your prayer and, for those who can, a request for material help. Heartfelt thanks.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First feast of St. Benedict at Villatalla

A dozen priests and seminarians joined the monks for the solemnity and to show their friendship and encouragement.
Among them: Canon Don Ivo Raimondo, provost of the parish and cathedral chapter of Imperia, as well as vicar forane for the territory that includes Villatalla. Honour to those to whom it is due: it was for him to pronounce the first panegyric of St. Benedict, during which he naturally evoked the radiant figure of the saint whom Paul VI named patron of Europe.
Also present were Canon Don Giancarlo Cuneo, pastor of Dolcedo and Villatalla; his twin brother, Canon Don Marco, who is a pastor in Imperia and our most faithful friend and advocate from the beginning here; Don Sandro Marsano, the previous pastor of Dolcedo who welcomed us last year to Villatalla; Don Maurizio Morella, a canon of the cathedral of Albenga; Don Francesco Ramella, newly ordained priest who celebrated his first Mass in the traditional rite in Dolcedo; our neighbour, Father Giorgio Maria Michero, Premonstratensian hermit of the community of Sant’Antimo founded by Father Andre Forest; a Polish deacon, Don Tommaso, recently incardinated in the diocese; a Franciscan of the Immaculate, Brother Egidio, who has come for a long stay among us. Not to mention so many friends and neighbours who made a point of coming and completing our joy.
A Solemn Mass (with deacon and subdeacon) was celebrated under the watchful eye of Don Marco, very familiar with solemn and pontifical liturgies in the Roman basilicas and other cathedrals in Italy.

A good number of residents of the town joined us in prayer, and after the ceremony they provided the aperitif and refreshments in the piazza of the church. A neighbour then let us use her house for an excellent meal provided and served by several families of the area. The celebration ended with solemn Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.